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The Gift of Burlesque for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And to sparkle, shimmy, shake and feel fabulous! And what better gift to give then Burlesque, so let's get the tinsel out and shake our baubles! Here are my top reasons why burlesque is the ultimate gift to give!

The Gift of Community and Friendships!

I have found some of my best friends through burlesque classes, and continue to meet wonderful new women at each course. The fact that our classes are aimed to empower women means that there is a natural community spirit which is focused around supporting one another in a meaningful way! The BodiBlossom community goes beyond the classes and workshops, with support whatsapp groups, social media platforms and now an app.

The Gift of Self-Worth!

I am a big believer in the right to be selfish and put yourself first. For me this is where burlesque came in. It is my little bit of self-care, my time out of the home having fun, not thinking about work or the jobs to do when I get home, or making dinner for the kids, it is just about me! Looking forward to my weekly classes and workshops get me through the monotonous cycle of sleep-work-eat-repeat! And of course, what other exercise class encourages you to dress up in beautiful and sexy clothing and lingerie!

The gift of Confidence and Self-Esteem

Everyone starts their Burlesque journey on varying levels in their confidence and self-esteem, for me I turned up to my first class in a baggy t-shirt and leggings, when Kirsty encouraged us to start walking around the room with sass and confidence I must of gone bright red. From there I finished that 4 week course wearing a sexy skirt and crop top – PROGRESS! Then I signed up for a show, my confidence had grown and I’d take off my corset but absolutely not my bra! Well, on show day the bra was being swung round my head and tassels were out. Regardless of what you feel comfortable doing or not doing, I have not met a women in Burlesque that doesn’t come away feeling more confident and empowered!

The Gift of Health

There is no doubt that movement is good for the body, mind and soul! At all of our classes we start the session with a warm up and continue to move our bodies through dance based exercise. Physical activity has many benefits such as; increasing levels of fitness, maintaining a healthy weight, building strength and muscle and keeping joints supple. Regular physical activity also lowers the risk of; heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some types of cancer. Physical activity can also improve your mental health by releasing feel good hormones called endorphins, improve your concentration, encourage a good sleep routine, feel more confident and boost your motivation.

Why not treat yourself, or another deserving women with the gift of burlesque! You absolutely deserve it!

Chloe, aka Dahlia Devil

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