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Don't ust take our word for it! Hear from our wonderful ladies.



 I had always been a casual runner since having my children 20 years ago. Running was put on hold when I had a mastectomy with reconstruction and a year later a further risk-reducing mastectomy.


After recovery, running became a way for me to escape, I ran away from everything. On went the music, away I went, 10 miles of freedom under my belt. However, when I returned my insecurities and worries were still the same.


Running became obsessive, which I realise now wasn’t the answer. Having scoliosis, running and other circumstances ended with me having urgent back surgery last year and being advised to cut out running altogether or drastically reduce the distance and times.


This was a really tough time physically and emotionally after being so active. I just didn’t know what to do with myself. By chance I saw an ad for a bodiblossom one off workshop in May, which I attended and thoroughly enjoyed, I was so inspired and wanted to try more.


I’ve since attended classes with Vanessa, Kirsty and Charlotte who are all amazing, truly inspirational, motivational and nurturing. The classes are always welcoming, friendly, adaptable and fun and I’ve met some lovely ladies along the way.


I’ve grown in body confidence, l’m learning to love what makes me unique and developing new dance skills. 


Dan Mitchell

Where do I start to tell you about my love of BodiBlossom?

Having moved to East Sussex from London I was eager to join a burlesque class which was advertised locally.  I’d been a member of a burlesque class in Kent and so wanted to continue to develop my passion for this type of dance.

Joining BodiBlossom was honestly like receiving a big cuddle from your best friend. The classes were friendly, full of warmth and security. Security in belonging and feeling valued.

Being a lady in my 50’s and going through menopause I worried that I was good enough, too overweight, too old. I really did not have to worry about any of that. The anxiety was all inside me, outside the group made me feel part of them, the ‘community’ that is BodiBlossom – where every body is welcome.

Kirsty cares.

You are solely there for your own journey and will be supported in every way possible, to become the very best version of yourself through dance, laughter, friendship and fun.

Come along, breathe and take in what life should be about. Let your mind and body Blossom X


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Our hen parties are £150 for a 90 minute workshop for up to 15 women in Heathfield, Horam, Hailsham or Eastbourne at a venue provided by you. Or for a 90 minute workshop in Hailsham at the provided by us is £170 for up to 15 women.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to book.

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