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  • Where can I find class information?
    Simply head to our class timetable page, below the timetable you’ll find a list of all the upcoming classes, click on each course or workshop to find out more information about it.
  • Where are classes held?
    We hold classes in a range of places including Uckfield, Bexhill, Battle, Tunbridge Wells and Eastbourne.
  • Who can attend classes?
    Due to the nature of the classes they are for over 18s only, there is no age limit to our classes.
  • I’ve never done burlesque or dance classes before, can I still join?
    Yes absolutely! We have beginner courses and workshops available which is a great place to start, we teach you everything so don’t worry if you’re only just starting your burlesque journey.
  • What do I wear?
    We recommend wearing clothing you can move easily in like fitness clothing. Each course or workshop will state what else you may need for it (for example heels).
  • What class should I start with?
    We recommend starting with a beginners course or workshop, below you can see the different level classes we offer. Beginners - suitable for those within their first year of burlesque. Intermediate - suitable for those who have been doing burlesque for at least 6 months and are looking to delve deeper into their dance technique. Advanced - suitable for those with at least 12 months burlesque experience and for those who are dancing to a high standard.
  • Do I need to wear heels?
    Of course not! You’re more than welcome to have bare feet or wear trainers, we just find wearing heels helps with posture and technique when dancing.
  • Do I have to do striptease?
    If you’ve booked onto a course which includes striptease there’s never any pressure with how much costume you remove, it’s completely fine for you to do a striptease course and not want to go down to nipple tassels or bra, we always give options with what else you can remove. Our priority is building your confidence and making sure you feel good.
  • If I can’t make a course or workshop can I get a refund?
    We can’t offer refunds if you can’t make a course or workshop, however as long as you give us at least 72 hours (3 days) notice we are happy to move your space to a different course or workshop.
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