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Welcome To Our Main Studio

Our Eastbourne classes take place in the BodiBlossom Studio inside KiddiCity in the Langney Shopping Centre.

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to our classes (burlesque is over 18s).

No need to have ever danced before, we are here to help support you.

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Burlesque with a twist of different dance styles


Latin style dance is a vibrant and energetic form of dance that originated in Latin America. The movements are characterized by their sensuality, passion, and infectious rhythms.

Classic Burlesque

This sexy and empowering style of dance helps build confidence through playfulness and exaggerated dance movements with a flirtatious twist. 


Contemporary dance is an ever-evolving genre that combines elements from various dance styles such as ballet, jazz, and modern dance.


Commercial is the style of dance seen in pop music videos, it's an upbeat and sexy style which works well with heels.


Country western style dance is a delightful blend of energetic moves and smooth spins that will get you tapping your feet in no time!

At BodiBlossom, we offer a wide range of dance classes for all levels of experience. Our classes are fun and engaging, and we provide a safe and supportive environment for our participants. 

Come and learn something new and grow your confidence!


We have a whole range of ladies attend our classes from 18 - 70 years, there really is no age limit. Don't worry if you struggle with any moves we give modifications making our classes suitable for everyone!


We are committed to helping you not only learn to dance but also love your body and embrace who you are.

Below you'll find our upcoming courses and workshops.

Visit our frequently asked questions for more info or send us a message.


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