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Do You Want To Change Your Body Shape?

I’ll get straight to the point by starting with the truth … You can’t change your body shape. It’s true, we can’t change our bone structure but do we really need to?

We spend so much time wanting to look like someone else, but honestly, we are never going to so why put the pressure on ourselves? Why wake up every morning wishing we were someone else? Why can’t we just be happy with … us?!

Our bodies are designed exactly how they should be, we were born with the perfect body for us. Yes, we can change how much fat and muscle we have but do we really need to put so much pressure on this? Can this not be something that just happens alongside us living our happiest life?

Our bodies are incredible places and they do everything they can to keep us healthy and alive maybe we should start treating them with a bit more respect? After all it’s not our bodies fault that it develops more fat because it’s us that’s feeding it.

If you were going to change one thing to feel happier about your body what would it be?

A suggestion I can give you is listen to what you’re saying to your body and take that thought and react to it as if that thought was what a friend was saying to themselves about their body, I’m sure you wouldn’t agree with them.

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