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Living Up To Societies Beauty Standards

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

There’s no denying it, we live in a world where society has set the bar for what “beautiful“ is. It’s an unfair truth that from a young age we are installed with what“Beauty” looks like.

From a child we learn about what “healthy” bodies look like.

The older we get we discover what the media puts out into the world, from models who are teeny tiny, celebrities unrealistic diet culture, social media “perfect” bodies, the list goes on.

“Skinny, Healthy, Fat“

From a young age we are taught how to have a “healthy” body.

You don’t want to be “overweight“ and you shouldn’t be “underweight“ either.

We are given a set size and weight that is the ideal for our age and height.

If you’re “skinny” you are told to eat more and regarded as having an eating disorder, if you are “overweight” the phrase ‘bubbly personality’ springs to mind.

All these different things we are told whilst growing up really do impact how we see ourselves and others, but all our bodies are different.

The medias coverage of “beauty"

It’s rammed down our throat ”skinny” “flawless“ “perfect”, from what we see in every form of media.

A new diet culture that a celebrity endorses. A fitness videos to help you loose weight, but in reality these things are never easily maintained, they're just quick fixes to a problem that more than likely doesn’t exist.

Social media's “perfect“ bodies

How often do you scroll through Instagram comparing your body to others?

Have you ever contemplated how unhealthy it is to do so?

What does it achieve?

We all know the difference between a posed and unposed photo and I think we forget that social media is a platform where the majority of people wish to show their best angle.

Many people on social media only show the world what they want them to see.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to someone else especially when it’s plastered in front of you.

The next time you stop scrolling and make comparisons I hope you can either unfollow for your own mental health, put your phone down and do something for you, or see the pose in the photo.

Love your body for all it has to offer regardless of how it appears and how society thinks it should be.

Our bodies are unique and beautiful. They do so much for us they should be worshipped.

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