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The Female Orgasm

Let's Talk About Sex ...

Well, more specifically let's talk about the female orgasm!

The female orgasm is like us women, a complicated subject... It takes time to really understand it & know what makes it happen, with some women never experiencing the pleasure of that climax!

The first step to knowing what works for you is by taking yourself on a journey of self discovery, to truly understand how your body works.

Women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation by finding that magic place called the G spot or through other sensory pathways more commonly referred to as your erogenous zones, which can include...

★ Breasts (especially through nipple stimulation)

★ Mouth

★ Nape of the neck

★ Bottom

★ Shoulders

★ Back

★ Armpits

★ Feet/Toes

★ Salp

★ Behind the knee

★ Earlobe

Exploring the sensations around these areas on your own or with your partner, will give you a good idea of where on your beautiful body will get you going!

Caressing, squeezing, licking, touching, hot or cold sensations or the use of sex toys will help get those nerve endings fired up & ready for action, so take the time to have a play! For now, we are going to focus on the clitorus to give you a better understanding of how this complex organ works.

The clitorus is the only organ in the female body solely responsible for pleasure, being made up of over 8,000 nerve endings & made up of erectile tissue similar to the penis. It is a lot larger than it appears with the clitoral gland above your urethral & vaginal opening, the clitoral shaft leading above the gland with the corpus cavernosum at the top of what looks like a wishbone & the legs of the clitoris coming down either side of the vaginal opening & vulva.

This clitous becomes erect when aroused, engorging with blood swelling like a man’s penis & after orgasm reducing in size after a few minutes.

There’s 4 stages to the female orgasm, so let's take you through each pleasurable step!

1. Excitement - this is that build that occurs through arousal & foreplay

2. Plateau - this is when the arousal has increased & levels off

3. The Orgasm Waves - This is that sweet release of pulsating contractions

4. The Resolution - That relaxing after glow & come down after the orgasm has happened.

* On average a woman takes 14 minutes to reach Orgasm but only 8 minutes if she uses the aid of a sex toy!

Orgasm are a a great way to relieve pain (no more excuses of ‘Not tonight Baby, I have a headache’).

The body's natural painkillers called endorphins are released during the climax & can help relieve toothache, headaches, arthritic pain along with relieving muscle pain, even menstrual cramps! So ladies, if suffering from any of the above now would be a great opportunity to take a bit of ‘me time’ to mastabate & let nature do its thing!!!

There are many reasons why a woman may struggle to reach an orgasm, these may be down to tiredness, stress, anxiety, medical issues or past traumas... taking the time to relax & work on yourself to overcome these issues whether it’s lack of confidence, guilt around pleasuring yourself or maybe being in a relationship where you find it hard to communicate in the bedroom about what you like, will lead to you having a better relationship with sex & we are here to help!

Here are some statistics around the female orgasm that are great to know as it’s not always a subject that we feel comfortable being honest about & can be a great conversation opener with a partner to get you talking about what you like or a few fun facts to use on a date night!

★ 5% - 10% of women have never has an orgasm

★ 59% of women have faked an orgasm

★ 31% - 40% of women orgasm during sex

★ 51% - 60% when assisted with a sex toy

★ 18% of women orgasm with vaginal sex

★ 65% of hetrosexual women orgasm during sex

★ 66% of bisexual women orgasm during sex

★ 86% of gay women orgasm during sex

Sex gets better with age! (Finally, something that doesn’t deteriorate when the hands of time usually works against us!) This is mainly because as we get older, we know ourselves better & as with everything that we promote at The Bodiblossom Self Love Company, confidence is key!

We may be in a long term relationship where we feel more comfortable in our own skin & can be truly honest with what we like. Older women are more experienced & have learned the secrets to success in the bedroom!

So ladies, with all this information rest easy in the knowledge that like us as women, the female orgasm is a fascinating thing. Hopefully this blog may have inspired you to take some time to enjoy the moment, enjoy exploring your body & enjoy your orgasms!

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